Saturday, February 18, 2012

Goal Setting - 10 months past

10 months ago my sister-in-law encouraged me to think seriously about goal setting.  I was paging back through my blog recently, and found this list.  And while looking at it, I realized that I can accomplished most of my goals!  So it is time to review and set new ones!  I was so excited to see, that without thinking too much about it, just the process of taking time to set goals put me in the mindset to achieve it.

In the classroom, I am always vary of having students set goals - I mean - will they really achieve them?  Are they taking them seriously?  But the cognitive process of making yourself aware of your goals really is a meaningful part of being able to ACHIEVE them.  And let me tell you - it feels GOOD.  I think I'm going to start doing more goal setting with my students.  But in the meanwhile - my goals:

MY GOALS (Apri 2011) (Original Post)

Within One Year
  • Obtain a permanent position in my school district - DONE
  • Find 3 extra-curricular needs in the school community (one to meet the need of the students, one to meet the need of the staff, and one to meet my own personal passions) - STUDENT COUNCIL, GRADE 7 TRANSITION, TWITTER
  • Begin my Masters in Education or (if necessary) Apply to a Masters of Education program to begin the following year - YUP.  IN SEMESTER 2, CREATIVE, CRITICAL and COLLABORATIVE INQUIRY
  • Formally or informally mentor a student teacher in my school community - HAVE A STUDENT TEACHER RIGHT NOW
  • Teach all my students how to use twitter for classroom learning - YES
  • Try 3-4 new pieces of technology in the classroom (including Pasco products) - YES, minus the Pasco Products
  • Help 3 teachers develop a PLN - YES YES YES and then some
  • Get a class website up and running in a way that students will access - REPLACED THIS WITH TWITTER and GOOGLE DOCS - which ARE BEING ACCESSED DAILY!

MY NEW GOALS (February 2012)

Within One Year
  • Take a group of Yearbook Students to NYC for training (scheduled for June 2012)
  • Have students involved with developing their own assessment
  • Teach critical thinking and scientific method in greater depth
  • Have students complete scientific inquiry projects
  • Learn how to use Pasco products
  • Blog Weekly (Continued Goal)
  • Teach a Senior Level Science Course
  • Develop a Water/Geological Systems Field Trip for Grade 8's
  • Develop Skills using Photography Lighting Systems and set up a temporary studio for Yearbook
  • Take a professional photography class
  • Develop 10 new demos to incorporate into lessons

I think it's important to note that these goals were set by me and for me.  This wasn't a task I was given by an administrator or professor.  I didn't create them to impress anyone else.  I created (and posted) them for accountability.  For my own growth.  They are not "done" and I have not moved on.

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