Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 21 photos of 2012

That's right.  21.  I was aiming for 12, but figured that it's my blog, my rules.  So 21 it is!

Flatiron Building, NYC, June 2012

Vancouver Christmas Market, December 2012

Street Art, as viewed from High Line Park, NYC, June 2012

Greek Marble Statue, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, June 2012

Flora of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, March 2012

CPR Graffiti, Spences Bridge, BC, August 2012

Abby & Ben Engagement Photo, Gastown, Vancouver, BC, May 2012

Ray meet Surf, Tofino, BC, August 2012

Pacific Sunset, Tofino, BC, August 2012

Lisa & Tamara (and students), Playland Field Trip, September 2012

Noah, White Rock, BC, November 2012

Times Square, as seen from the Empire State Building, NYC, June 2012

A Tearful Bride, Abbotsford, BC, June 2012

A wedding is a perfect time for a song, Abbotsford, BC, June 2012

New Life, Aldergrove, BC, September 2012

Feed the Birds, NYC, June 2012

Family, Langley, BC, December 2012

Brothers, Langley, BC, December 2012

Gum Wall, Seattle, WA, July, 2012

Gum Wall, Seattle, WA, December 2012

Spring comes early, Langley, BC, January 2012

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