Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Greek Letter Posters

My Physics students are fascinated with the greek letters.  The idea that we can borrow letters from another alphabet seems fascinating to them.  They take time to practice how to draw these letters, as if they were young, learning to write the letter "R" for the first time.  Or the letter "Q".  Or my favourite - low case "q."

We've talked about the vastness of Physics and the need for my variables and the history of Physics as a study done by scholars in Latin and Greek, and the early connection of education of this nature with the church.  Seems talking about Greek letters has led to all sorts of interesting conversations.

And so for the sake of intrigue - I've decided to put the greek alphabet up on my classroom wall.  At bare minimum, it will be fun.  And my hope is that it will spark many more interesting conversations!

Because I couldn't find anything I liked, I decided to make my own using InDesign.  So if you, too, are looking for a matching set to post on your classroom wall - look no further!  They all look like the one in the image above.  Just download the zip file here to get all 24 glorious greek letter posters.  My gift to you!

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